Why just do an ordinary vacation
when you could do an Extraordinary Adventure?


Sailing Catamaran

“A bad day sailing is 100 times better than a good day at work.”

- Anonymous

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sailing Catamaran Charter?

The practice of renting a catamaran sailboat for a specified period of time (usually for a week) and sailing to various coastal or island destinations. Unlike a traditional monohull sailboat, a catamaran has two hulls which provide the utmost comfort due to its increased livable space and tremendous stability.

Why Charter Sailing versus a Destination Vacation?

A Sailing Charter allows you to experience many different locations during the trip versus stuck in the same monotonous hotel or location.  You control where you want to go and how long to stay in each location. Swimming, snorkeling, diving, sunbathing, paddle boarding, etc. are right there for you to enjoy.

How do Charter Boats work?

Typically you work with a charter company to reserve a boat for the days that you would want to sail.  If you are comfortable handling the important tasks of creating the itinerary, provisioning, navigating, berthing, and just being in overall control, then you could do a bareboat charter.  If you feel that you do not have the necessary sailing resume nor want the responsibility, it is always possible to hire a captain/crew for this.

What does it Cost to Charter a Sailing Yacht?

That really depends upon the time of year and the duration of the entire charter, but basically the fee covers the rental of the boat.  Additional costs would be, but not limited to, the provisioning of the boat, fuel, any specialized equipment/water toys, qualified captain, etc. (See Rates Page for more information.)

What is a Bareboat Charter?

This is the process of renting only the boat.  You are the captain and are responsible for all aspects of sailing the boat and the people on it.  You will need to provision the boat, navigate to various locales, and berth the boat.  Being the captain, you are in control.

What is a Skippered Charter?

For those individuals that do not have the overall skill level to operate a boat or perhaps would just prefer someone else to do the work and be responsible, it is possible to hire a Captain or Skipper for this.  You and your guests can just sit back and enjoy the adventure.

Where can we Sail the Boat?

As the boat is chartered in the BVI, it must stay within the BVI waters; however, with so many places to visit and see all within a few hours sail, there is no need to venture to anywhere else.

How long is the Charter?

Charters are typically done for a one week duration period of time, but longer sailing adventures are possible if desired. One week, two weeks, three weeks… you decide!  The longer the better!!!

What do you do on a Chartered Sailing Yacht?

There is so much that is possible with chartering a boat for a unique vacation and everyone’s desires are different.  Swimming, Sailing, Snorkeling and/or Scuba Diving, Paddle-boarding, Fishing, Sunbathing, or just Relaxing and enjoying the trip are all possible. 

How do I begin the process?

Give us a call or just shoot us an email, and we can discuss how you can charter ogibni and experience –  not just a vacation – but an EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURE.