Sample Sailing Itinerary

Tortola to Norman Island

After leaving port and sailing through the Sir Francis Drake Channel, you will arrive at Norman Island, part of the “Little Sisters” island group south of Tortola. It is said to be the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island,” where there is a documented history of pirate booty being stowed on this uninhabited island. The Bight Bay has a protected anchorage featuring caves ideal for snorkeling. The caves have abundant sea life and are deep and dark enough to give the experience of a night dive. Willie T’s floating bar and restaurant has returned to the island serving up food, cocktails and the same good times for which it has always been known. 

Norman Island to Peter Island

Peter Island is an easy sail from Norman Island. This private island’s resort is still undergoing repairs from 2017’s Hurricane Irma, but the gorgeous beaches are open. This is the home of Deadman’s Beach, in spite of its name, it is said to be one of the most romantic beaches in the world. The white sand and shady palm trees make this a relaxing oasis.

Peter Island to Salt and
Cooper Island

From Peter Island continue East towards Salt and Cooper Islands. West of Salt Island is one of the best diving sites in the Caribbean. The Rhone National Marine Park is a dive site encompassing the impressive 1867 wreck of the HMS Rhone. The Rhone went down in a late season hurricane, her anchor chain is still caught up in the coral head of Great Harbor. Discover the moral eels, turtles and octopus that now make this wreck their home. Venture over to Cooper Island, where the rum bar at the Beach Club has over 230 rums from around the world, along with specialty cocktails.

Cooper Island to Virgin Gorda
(The Baths)

The Baths beach area on Virgin Gorda Island will be your next destination. The boulders on the beach area form natural tidal pools, tunnels, arches and caves that open to the sea making this an ideal area to swim and snorkel. Adjacent Spring Bay also has swimming and snorkeling along with a lawn area perfect for picnicking. The island’s highest point, Gorda Peak, boasts stunning panoramic views of the surrounding islands. Long Bay is an ideal spot to spend the night. 

Long Bay to North Sound

Enjoy a short sail around the tip of Virgin Gorda and reach the North Sound. Its is edged by the smaller islands of Mosquito Island, Prickly Pear and Saba Rock. The protected anchorage makes it a great place to paddle board and windsurf. North Beach on Prickly Pear has beautiful views of Eustatia and Necker Islands. The small oasis of Saba Rock serves up great food and their specialty, Banana Daiquiris. 

North Sound to Anegada

A two hour sail from the North Sound lies Anegada. Formed by coral and limestone, rather than volcano, this island is flat and low. Miles of white sandy beaches surround the sparsely populated island. It is home to Horseshoe Reef, which is one of the largest barrier island reefs in the Caribbean. The beaches on the north shore are secluded and protected by the reef, while Loblolly Bay has spectacular snorkeling. There are amazing restaurants on this island, one of the of the first things to do upon arrival is to make dinner reservations.

Jost Van Dyke

The last stop, the popular Great Harbour on Jost Van Dyke, is lined with bars and restaurants. Indulge in barbecues, flying fish sandwiches, grilled fresh fish and lobster. Discover Foxy’s, one of the most famous bars in the BVI’s. Foxy can often be found in the restaurant chatting with customers. Nearby White Bay is home to the Soggy Dollar Bar, said to be the origin of the Painkiller cocktail. On the eastern side of the island is a natural rock formation called The Bubbly Pool, the name comes from the bubbles that form in the water from the crashing waves.